Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To You, As Well

Another little bit of delight for you from the ever watchful Devil.

This time, a female in America takes on the world of witchcraft (slightly less of a worry than the world of warcraft, but that's another story). You might also want to try doing some maths and work out how she's been pregnant as many times as she thinks she has in the time she's been married.

Bonus points for this freak, because she's also listed a load of her friends' sites and some of them are even more mental than she is. I recommend this one for a "protesting too much" award.

Be aware, I am a vengeful god and I'm not happy at the way you fuckers procreate. I may choose to smite you all. Just so you know.

You have all been touched by the hand of God. Some of you just weren't hit hard enough.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Especially Not To You Freaks.

I'm a grumpy God today.

I'm particularly sick of people like this who ask if I'm listening, then don't have anywhere to comment.

Fucking idiots.

You give them brains and what do they use them for? Nothing.

I gave them free will (and that was against all the advice) and what have they done? Nothing good.

I gave them their world and what have they done? Nothing except make it worse.

You are all my children, and you are all fucking idiots.